Industry 4.0 practitioner

The ability to build an Industry 4.0 flexible manufacturing system to quickly respond to changes in internal and external environments is the guarantee of our delivery

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Flexible Manufacturing Smart Factory


Rooted in the Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, value-added manufacturing, robotics and other breakthrough technologies, Industry 4.0 fully integrates and optimizes resources, talents and information, and is committed to building a "smart factory with high flexibility and high resource utilization." "To achieve continuous, real-time information circulation from product development, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, retail, to end customers.

Participate in the whole process

From project initiation to T0 to PVT, full process participation, full video recording, file filing

Continuous R&D and optimization

Establish five big data platforms for R&D, testing, manufacturing, operation, and after-sales. Big data continues to empower product R&D

Leading production efficiency

Flexible manufacturing, efficiency first, ERP guarantees seamless switching

Product quality control system

95%Production equipment is networked, and more than 36 quality control points are monitored in real time

Reliable throughout the life cycle

Establish full life cycle quality from R&D to after-sales