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While the universe keeps rolling on orbit , a superior man makes untiring endeavour for advancement.

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Talent is the primary productivity factor

We have a strong R&D team of 1 national talent, 3 masters, and 6 undergraduates. In the field of IOT practice, we have outstanding achievements, landed projects, scientific research patent results, national-level topics and other aspects of the first echelon.

Topic Tackling

National talents, lead the team in public relations, how to reduce interference and ensure the transmission distance under complex conditions in narrowband communications, and realize the transmission of 7-9KM results under complex conditions

Dare to try

The team has the courage to optimize the algorithm, customize the protocol, and adopt the single-chain complementary link algorithm in practice to increase the efficiency of narrowband usage by 40%

Keep investing

As a science and innovation company, the company insists on investing 30% of its annual turnover in research and development, ensuring high investment and high production, and forming a continuous advancement.

Selection and breeding

The company insists on selecting people at a high threshold, spreading help with heart, boldly using technical backbones, and generous benefits and rewards to the majority of colleagues. I am for everyone and everyone is for me.

Never forget why you started

From a passionate classmate to a mainstay of society, from a campus ideal to a dedication to society, I still bow my head and forge ahead.

Value feedback

I am born to be useful. We firmly believe that the business we are engaged in will generate great value to society, experience technological life, and experience social value feedback.

Life-long learning

Learning company, learning organization, lifelong learning, as an important part of the company culture, we have been practicing the concept of endless learning and always keeping advanced.

Climb to the top

Science is like a peak, and victory lies in climbing. Every scientific researcher has a Mount Everest in his heart, cooperating with each other, and walking steadily and far.