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Internet of Everything, Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction

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Smart Lighting Control System

Simple and easy to control

It can be set through APP, computer background, remote control, global travel, you can set a one-year control plan, offline use, accurate and peace of mind

Intelligent Functions

Timer dimming, longitude and latitude switch lights, sensor smart dimming and other functions, can be used in combination, according to the site selection plan, smart energy saving

Smart sensor

Responding to weather changes, traffic flow in time periods, smart energy-saving dimming, color temperature adjustment; scientific control through intelligent sensing equipment such as on-site light sensing, air temperature and humidity, PM2.5, multi

Real-time data All in control

Through lamps and induction sensor, we can always grasp lamp parameters, sense element information, report faults at any time, alert abnormalities, react quickly, and keep track of the resolution progress through real-time positioning technology.

Open port Smart City

The open API port can quickly access the smart city platform, call time-to-time data, joint scheduling, and play the role of city outposts, and reserve interfaces for upgrading smart light poles and secondary development

  • Simple and easy to control

  • Intelligent Functions

  • Smart sensor

  • Real-time data All in control

  • Open port Smart City

Private server

Municipal street lights are related to the safety of public and social life. Safe and reliable data protection is very necessary. We use private servers, which can be deployed locally or in private cloud spaces. Multiple protection mechanisms protect

Multiple communication methods


LoRa is a kind of low-power wide-area network communication technology. It is a proprietary ultra-long-distance wireless transmission technology based on spread spectrum technology by Semtech. LoRaWAN is a set of communication protocol and system arc


NB-IoT refers to Narrow Band-Internet of Things (Narrow Band-Internet of Things) technology. NB-IOT focuses on the Low Power Wide Coverage (LPWA) Internet of Things (IoT) market, and is an emerging technology that can be widely used worldwide. NB-IOT


Zigbee technology is a wireless communication technology applied to short distances and low speeds. Zigbee used to be called "HomeRF Lite" and "FireFly" technology, collectively called Zigbee technology. Mainly used for data transmission between


With the development of mobile communication technology, 4G/5G communication base stations have the characteristics of light distribution, large bandwidth, and low network speed delay. In smart cities, street light poles can be used as a carrier to e


Power line carrier communication is PLC. Power line carrier is a unique communication method for power systems. Power line carrier communication refers to a technology that uses existing

  • LoraWAN

  • NB-IOT

  • ZigBee

  • 4G/5G

  • PLC

Smart gateway

The communication concentrator is a bridge between single lamp control and the Internet, and it is also a communication protocol execution conversion device. It is responsible for the important task of communication with the network node. It is one o

Different Node for various applications

Outdoor node

It can be used outside the lamp or in the electrical box of the street lamp, IP66 design, easy to install, dual control, with temperature sensor, circuit metering module, auxiliary source 5V 12V control and other functions

Built-in node

Used in street lamps, quick wiring base, quick installation, dual control, with temperature sensing, circuit metering module, auxiliary source 5V 12V control and other functions

NEMA node

Comply with American ANSI C136 standard, dual control, with temperature sensor, circuit metering module, can output 0-10V, PMW, DALI signal

ZHAGA node

Comply with Zhaga Book 18 standard, single-channel control, can output 0-10V, PMW, DALI signal, with circuit metering module

DC-DC node

Used in DC input scenarios, such as solar street lights, which can control switching, dimming, and have a metering module, which can be extended to monitor solar panels and battery charge and discharge data.

  • Outdoor node

  • Built-in node

  • NEMA node

  • ZHAGA node

  • DC-DC node

Smart sensor

As a front-end sensing device for the Internet of Things, it can sense and collect data to facilitate timely intelligent control of the system. In the smart street lamp system, temperature and humidity monitoring, light brightness sensing, cable temp

Centralized control-Electric cabinet

Master switch Total measurement

Using the master control switch, you can switch on and off a batch of lamps remotely, and physically cut off the power; use the control cabinet to measure, you can obtain direct data and the secondary data comparison of the lamps, you can alarm leaka

Master control sensor

Using the control cabinet sensor, you can control the switch of the lamp as a whole, such as light control, control cabinet immersion, anti-opening cabinet door and other sensors

  • Master switch Total measurement

  • Master control sensor

Smart street light

Precisely control the brightness of street lights in specific scenes, and adjust the brightness according to the traffic volume of people and vehicles.